Quality and delivery of works on time is our motto



Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd has been a fast-growing electrical engineering contracting company specialized in construction, installation, rehabilitation and maintenance of LV, MV, HV electrical supply systems and Associated Civil Works. Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd is a Zambian owned Company that delivers competitively priced electrical and engineered contracting services to electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure companies and consumers. As an engineering company Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd operates through the following segments:

  • Engineering and Contracting for electrification projects.
  • Auxiliary Project Services

Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd provides reliable technical services to construct and maintain electrical transmission and distribution remote control and monitoring systems and substations for electricity utility companies, municipalities, and owners of commercial and industrial projects. Laatu’s skilled staff of engineers, technologists and technicians have the capability to manage and construct large-size electrical projects. In keeping with the demands of today’s market place, Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd has capabilities and resources to complete on time all its project engagements. With a commitment to safety and protecting the environment, Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd has a track record of completing its project engagements on time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the provision of quality and timely electrical engineering solutions for the power transmission and distribution industry and environmental regulations in the performance of its work.

Our Value

No electrical projects are too large or beyond the capabilities of the skilled personnel at Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd and services are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Expanding Goal

With the knowledge that accident prevention and effective production go hand in hand, Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd institutes effective controls that comply with all applicable safety, health and environmental regulations

Company History

Established in 2001 and based in Lusaka, Zambia, the company has evolved with the changing requirements of the electrical industry by successfully serving the needs of a broad range of clients to become a respected electrical contracting company in Zambia.

Our Great Team

Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd has access to a range of highly skilled technical and project management staff with expertise and long year’s track record of experience in the electrification projects for both local and internationally reputed power network businesses such as ABB. Currently, Laatu has more than 250 employees besides the under listed core staff. Our numbers sometimes go up or down depending on the size or number of projects at hand at any given time.