Quality and delivery of works on time is our motto



Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd was established in 2001 with a core purpose of providing quality services to our clients within High, Medium and Low voltage systems; thereby being a partner in providing access to quality electrical energy supply to end customers.

Since inception, Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd has been fast-growing in the area of electrical engineering contraction. The company has since built capacity in construction, installation, rehabilitation and maintenance works in electrical supply systems and Associated Civil Works. The Company is wholly Zambian owned and prides itself in delivering competitively priced electrical and engineered contracting services to its clients. As an engineering company Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd operates through the following segments:

  • Engineering and Contracting for electrification projects.
  • Auxiliary Project Services

Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd provides technical services to construct and maintain electrical systems to our clientele who include: utility companies, municipalities, owners of commercial places, industrial projects and residential house owners. Laatu’s skilled staff of engineers, technologists and technicians have the capability to manage and construct large-size electrical projects. However, no project is too big or too small for us.

In keeping with the demands of today’s market place, Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd has developed capabilities and resources to complete on time all its project engagements. This has become the hallmark of the company demonstrated in all works we have carried out to this day. At Laatu we are committed to carrying out works in such a way that leaves as little environmental foot print as possible.


Some curious minds might be wondering why a Zambian Owned company has a Finish name.

Well the word Laatu is Finnish and means quality. The name has been maintained to honour our Finish friend who motivated us to start the company after being impressed by the competence from local employees he once worked with. This often underestimated competence together with his uncompromising belief in quality works became the foundation on which our business is built. The friend was at one point a shareholder in the company until he decided to leave for other commitments.  We have promised to carry on his belief in local competence and quality in the works we execute. We have pledged to use as much local competence as possible wherever we carry out our works.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a key partner in providing access to reliable electricity through provision of quality and timely electrical engineering works.

Our Value

At Laatu we  believe in human dignity and equality.We cherish diversty in thought , culture, tribe and gender.We accept zero tolerance to discrimination of any sort.We believe lack of access to electricity is unacceptable in this era. To this effect we stand firm with our stakeholders in the quest to make electricity accessible for all.We always strive to ensure that all dealings are honest,respectifull and transparent.  

Expanding Goal

Laatu is in a process of expanding its goals through increasing its customer base as we seek to grow. We think, this growth is needed now than ever before to provide much needed services especially post Corona or in the new normal. To this effect Laatu hopes to become a partner in solving some of the social problems that have been worsened by the corona pandemic.  In this regard, Laatu will soon be introducing more services to capture a more expanded customer base. We hope to partner with stakeholders who share our vision. Look out for more on our current and soon to come services. For more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Company History

Established in 2001 and based in Lusaka, Zambia, the company has evolved with the changing requirements of the electrical industry by successfully serving the needs of a broad range of clients to become a respected electrical contracting company in Zambia.

Our Great Team

Laatu Energy Solutions Ltd has access to a range of highly skilled technical and project management staff with expertise and long year’s track record of experience in the electrification projects for both local and internationally reputed power network businesses such as ABB. Currently, Laatu has more than 250 employees besides the under listed core staff. Our numbers sometimes go up or down depending on the size or number of projects at hand at any given time.